Steel Pipe Bollards – Pillars of Protection


Steel Pipe Bollards are used to protect facilities, parking and pedestrian areas.

They keep vehicles from invading storefronts, bank drive-thru ATMs and many structural utility areas.

Steel Pipe Bollards are permanently fixed at the point of installation with a portion of the pipe secured below ground.

By adding a Post Guard Bollard Cover to the steel pipe bollard, you eliminate the need for continual painting of the bollard post. The many attractive colors of the Post Guard can dramatically change not only the look of a steel pipe bollard but your facility as well.

Steel Pipe Bollards Before and After Installing Post Guards

Visit our Steel Pipe Bollard page for more information.


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One thing that drives Simon crazy is seeing money go to waste.  Do you have some “use it or lose it” budget left over for the last few weeks of the year?  If you don’t use it, it goes to waste.  If you throw it at something just for the sake of spending it, that can be pretty wasteful too.  The end of year is crunch time. You’re focused on closing deals, strategic planning and getting your house in order so you can try to enjoy the holidays.  Why not let Simon help you get the outside of your building in tip top shape.

Count and measure your naked bollards today and get them covered up before the New Year.

Post Guard bollard covers and Height Guard clearance bars are in stock in a variety of colors and ready for immediate shipping.  Let Simon assist you to be smart about your year end budget!

Post Guards at WalmartYellow Height Guard Black Stripes

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Simon, Your Silent Sentry

Simon, The Post GuardYou probably pass by hundreds of bollards without paying much attention to them. Bollards are protectors of property, pedestrians and parking areas. You can find them guarding storefronts, parking lots, and most drive-thru lanes. Now you find bollards in downtown entertainment districts, at toll booths and other public gathering spaces. Although bollards are mostly used for protection, they are also used to separate lanes or to keep a vehicle from climbing a curb.

Simon says, “Don’t paint your bollards.”

Before and after a Post Guard

See the difference a Post Guard bollard cover makes.

Without a protective covering, bollards will succumb to corrosion causing a total deterioration of the bollard. Bollards are often painted but the surface will not last – causing chipping, cracking and fading.

Enter your hero, Simon the Post Guard. Simon always has a bollard cover solution for you. The Post Guard lasts much longer than painted steel and is a fast, easy fix for improving property appearance. No matter what style or color bollard you have, Simon has the solution for you.

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Do your ugly bollards just make you want to SCREAM!

Ugly bollards make you want to scream.

Now is the perfect time to cover those scary looking bollards with a Post Guard bollard cover. Transform your property and calm your nerves at the same time. The Post Guard comes in a wide range of soothing colors to match any property identification such as logo or brand colors.

Don’t delay! The days are getting shorter and your time to update your property is fleeting. Contact Simon for the perfect bollard solution and chase away those scary maintenance nightmares. Don’t get tricked, visit Simon for a treat . . .

Post Guard bollard covers improve property appearance.

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Time for a Fall Fix-Up!

Fall is the perfect time to do facility fix-ups, before winter comes. Now is the time to take care of repairs and maintenance around your property. Simon can assist you with freshening up your property while adding some additional safety features along the way, all while staying within your budget.

Provide a fresh look to your facility by installing Post Guard Bollard Covers over your existing deteriorating bollards. Not only will you see an immediate improvement, you’ll be protecting your property from further damage and decay.

Simon is committed to providing innovative products for vehicle protection and facility improvement. You can check out Simon’s Post Guard Page here.

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Heads Up!

New Height Guard Graphics

Too often, low parking lot entrances are damaged by oversized vehicles. Simon has new graphic kits available for the Height Guard Clearance Bars. New graphics include entry and exit messages.

Don’t have insufficient or confusing signage at the entrance to your parking structure.
Use Height Guard Clearance Bars to alert approaching motorists to potential vehicle damage before they enter the parking garage.

Simon, always helping to avoid costly structure repair! Your Clearance Bar can now have the proper message for your parking facility.

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Bollard Cover, Post Sleeve, Bumper Post Cover . . . The Post Guard answers to many names

Simon has just added a few new Post Guard colors.

Standard Post Guard Colors

• Quick payback by saving scraping and painting time, while preventing property damage

• 6 year UV protection for maximum fade resistance

• Designed for all weather conditions, high density plastic sleeves will not fade

• Easily installed – slides over existing posts using included foam strips

• 3M reflective striping increases visibility and safety

• Made to fit your posts with many diameters available

• Sleeves can be custom trimmed to fit any height

• Improves property appearance at a cost your budget will love

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