To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the question.

On the surface choosing the best plastic bollard covers for your facility, restaurant, bank, hospital, garage, or warehouse seems like a minor decision. However, bollards are rarely actively noticed on a property unless they look really bad, or really good. Bollard post covers can have a big impact on your customers. When examining a bollard cover for use in your facility you need to consider the following:

• Do the bollard covers I am about to install require a lot of maintenance?
• Are they fade resistant?
• Are they dense enough where daylight will not reveal the bollard underneath?
• Can I get the bollard cover in the color I desire?
• Are they easy to install?

Not all plastic bollard covers are created equal and The Post Guard’s bollard post covers come in 10 standard colors and are made from High Density Polyethylene plastic, and are easy to install. They look great and can even be customized to reflect the branding of your business.

Post Guard Closeup

So, when asking the question: to cover or not, Simon Says, “Cover your ugly bollards with the Post Guard, and you will be delighted with the results.”

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