Bollard Protection: Soft Plastic is better than Hard Steel

The Post Guard is a great way to prevent ugly bollards from causing high maintenance costs for your facility. The Post Guard is also a great way to prevent harsh damage to your customers’ cars as well.

The Post Guard is made of HDPE. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene plastic. This plastic in combination with the foam that is used to install the post sleeve on to the steel bollard lessens the probability of harsh damage to a vehicle if it gently bumps into the steel post with a post sleeve on it. The Post Guard covered bollard in your parking area can reduce the cost of damages for everyone.

This foam and plastic combination is a powerful one because customers using your facility will be grateful for their cars being lightly dinged from the plastic versus heavily scraped by a metal bollard that is uncovered.

Simon, The Post Guard, remembers when Linda was just learning to drive and she was making a right turn into a parking lot and was trying to avoid an uncovered steel bollard. The entire right side of the car was severely damaged due to her lack of driving experience. However, had that post had a Post Guard, there would have just been a ding and no paint damage.

Plastic bollard covers not only look good, but they do save money for both the owner of the facility and the customer, in the event that the customer has a run-in with the covered bollard.


Paint damage from uncovered metal bollard.

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