Maintenance at the fire station used to mean something different.

Fire Station Horsedrawn

With all the hustle and bustle of putting out fires, why have scraping and painting of bollards on the list of things for firemen to do? The firemen of today have more important maintenance issues other than the upkeep of the bollards protecting their structures. The Post Guard provides a maintenance-free solution. With the fiscal cliff growing into a canyon, finding cost and time savings is an essential activity for every municipality.

The Post Guard is an extremely light, yet dense decorative sleeve with 3M reflective stripes built in for safety at night. This video shows that Installing a Post Guard is so easy an 11 year old can do it.

This post cover provides an immediate answer to crumbling, rusting cement and unsightly metal bollard posts, while providing safety with the reflective stripes for higher visibility. And, you will never have to paint a bollard post again!

Van Buren F.D

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