Stop Scraping Cracked and Peeling Bollards

Are you frustrated with the appearance of the metal posts around your building, municipality, drivethrus, warehouse, hospital, car wash, self storage facility, or parking garage?
Ugly bollards can be an eyesore and require frequent scraping and painting. Especially when the bollards’ paint chips, peels, and rusts. So why not end the extra work and the added cost with a bollard cover from The Post Guard? These protective sleeves are made from high impact solid plastic. The bollard covers easily fit over your existing metal posts. Simply apply the provided installation foam strips and slide the cover in place.

“Click Here to see the ease of installation!”

The UV resistant anti static sleeves are durable and withstand extreme temperatures. These covers are designed with smooth sides and two reflective stripes for added safety. The Post Guard and 3m reflective stripes come in a variety of colors so you can match your company colors.


Stop scraping! Stop painting! Improve your property’s appearance and save money with these post covers from The Post Guard today.

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One Response to Stop Scraping Cracked and Peeling Bollards

  1. Cynthia says:

    We use these covers often. They save us a lot of maintenance costs and are well worth the price.

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