Thin vs. Thick – Thin is In

When navigating the landscape of bollard covers, there are characteristics that should be considered thoroughly. Consideration should be given to the way that the bollard  cover is constructed. The construction of some bollard covers is extremely thick and bulky. They are very tempting to steal because you can see right through the plastic. The Post Guard bollard covers are constructed using High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastic. Why? It’s simple; this plastic is stronger and extremely dense. You cannot see the bollard that is being covered, and once you install the Post Guard cover, it is not easily removed.

In terms of qualitative structural differences, HDPE is typically 3 times stronger than low density plastic, LDPE. In terms of product attributes, an HDPE bollard cover can be 1/3 the thickness of an LDPE cover and still has better product performance.

The Post Guard has many functions. The Post Guard is a money-saving device. Once you install the Post Guard bollard cover it is secure. In addition, the cost of scraping and painting the bollards is virtually eliminated, making this maintenance procedure no longer necessary.

The high density plastic of the Post Guard bollard cover is also very helpful in preventing damage to cars. The Post Guard will help prevent vehicle damage by cushioning the impact. HDPE material is also important because it is opaque. As a result, the Post Guards improve your property’s appearance with a clean, uniform look. The Post Guard bollard cover can be custom cut to the size of the bollard for best fit and look. This makes the Post Guard bollard covers more aesthetically pleasing than other bollard covers on the market, and the installation process insures that the Post Guard is secure. The Post Guard uses a closed-cell foam strip for installation, creating a permanent suction to hold the cover in place. No need for sticky tape or set screws. This installation method has a proven track record against theft!


In addition:

  • Post Guard HDPE bollard covers cost 30% – 50% less than LDPE covers.
  • Post Guard HDPE is thinner. It weighs less, and in turn, costs less to ship.
  • Post Guard HDPE is as dense as dense can be. You can’t see through it, even on the sunniest day.
  • Post Guard can be easily installed. You do not need to be a skilled craftsman to install these covers yourself. It’s so easy a child can do it. See this video! No need to pay additional installation fees!
  • Post Guard can be custom cut to the size of your bollards at no additional charge.
  • Post Guards can be drop shipped to your facility within two days of receipt of your order. There are no additional handling fees for this service!
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