It’s Best to Nest! Your Answer to Lower Shipping Costs.

Ship 2 for the Price of 1

Ship 2 for the Price of 1

The cost of shipping is changing on a daily basis. Every order should have shipping quoted using the best packaging methods and delivery carrier. The Post Guard will arrange for the best, most economical delivery cost to your location based upon your needs. The Post Guard has strategically-located warehouses throughout the country that allows us to find the right shipping method for you. We will custom cut each individual Post Guard at no additional cost and drop ship to your location. By cutting the parts to size at our facility, you are guaranteed a straight flush cut and you eliminate the cost, labor and mistakes of field cutting. Shipping costs are greatly reduced when we ship cut parts nested together. As you can imagine, the Post Guards are long, bulky and light weight. The 4.5” parts are basically shipped for free when nested inside of the 7.0” parts.

Ship 8 for the Price of 4

Ship 8 for the Price of 4

E-commerce sites can’t do this for you, but The Post Guard can!

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