Simon says, “Safety First.”

Simon the Post Guard

Every June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month and focuses on reducing leading causes of injury at work, on the road, and in our communities. At SMG, Simon is passionate about keeping your properties and clientele safe!

Are your facilities protected? Simon can provide you with our full line of parking lot maintenance products:

Post Guard – bollard post covers and sleeves

Gate Arm Guard – a cushioned sleeve for moving gate arms that helps prevent costly damage to your customers’ vehicles

Height Guard – an overhead clearance bar to alert motorists and avoid collisions

Scrape Guard – a highly visible vinyl wrap for cement columns

Sentry Protection Products® – the complete line of parking garage protection products to protect your structure and promote warehouse safety

Speed Bumps and Humps – to slow and calm traffic on your property

Parking Blocks – To create a visual deterrent and physical barrier

Poletector 360 – a cover for light pole bases that absorbs and cushions vehicle impact

So today, this month and throughout the rest of the year, Simon celebrates safety. We do this because we have a passion for safety and for safety products.

Think Safety First . . . Visit parkinglotsafetysolutions and upgrade your facilities today.

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