Simon, Your Silent Sentry

Simon, The Post GuardYou probably pass by hundreds of bollards without paying much attention to them. Bollards are protectors of property, pedestrians and parking areas. You can find them guarding storefronts, parking lots, and most drive-thru lanes. Now you find bollards in downtown entertainment districts, at toll booths and other public gathering spaces. Although bollards are mostly used for protection, they are also used to separate lanes or to keep a vehicle from climbing a curb.

Simon says, “Don’t paint your bollards.”

Before and after a Post Guard

See the difference a Post Guard bollard cover makes.

Without a protective covering, bollards will succumb to corrosion causing a total deterioration of the bollard. Bollards are often painted but the surface will not last – causing chipping, cracking and fading.

Enter your hero, Simon the Post Guard. Simon always has a bollard cover solution for you. The Post Guard lasts much longer than painted steel and is a fast, easy fix for improving property appearance. No matter what style or color bollard you have, Simon has the solution for you.

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