Simon says, “Safety First.”

Simon the Post Guard

Every June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month and focuses on reducing leading causes of injury at work, on the road, and in our communities. At SMG, Simon is passionate about keeping your properties and clientele safe!

Are your facilities protected? Simon can provide you with our full line of parking lot maintenance products:

Post Guard – bollard post covers and sleeves

Gate Arm Guard – a cushioned sleeve for moving gate arms that helps prevent costly damage to your customers’ vehicles

Height Guard – an overhead clearance bar to alert motorists and avoid collisions

Scrape Guard – a highly visible vinyl wrap for cement columns

Sentry Protection Products® – the complete line of parking garage protection products to protect your structure and promote warehouse safety

Speed Bumps and Humps – to slow and calm traffic on your property

Parking Blocks – To create a visual deterrent and physical barrier

Poletector 360 – a cover for light pole bases that absorbs and cushions vehicle impact

So today, this month and throughout the rest of the year, Simon celebrates safety. We do this because we have a passion for safety and for safety products.

Think Safety First . . . Visit parkinglotsafetysolutions and upgrade your facilities today.

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May Day is not just a call for help … or is it?

Simon on May Day

Flowers and colorful ribbons aren’t the only things dancing around the May Pole this spring! Springtime brings with it the opportunity to improve the look of your facility. Make sure you check out all the ways Simon can assist you with freshening up your property. And, maybe add some additional safety features along the way, all while staying within your budget.

Make sure you check with Simon first and use him as a helpful resource for your seasonal upgrades.

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No Luck of the Irish needed…

Save some green by purchasing Post Guard bollard covers from Simon!

Simon's St. Patrick Spring Clean-Up

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, but you can be lucky any day and save some green by purchasing our Post Guards. Simon offers an immense selection of sizes and colors including two different shades of green.

March is a great time to “Clean Up” with great prices and service from Simon. See all your “Clean Up” opportunities at

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When you are “Triple-Dog-Dared” . . . you better have a Post Guard.


Don’t get stuck out in the cold, cover your bollard posts with a Post Guard bollard sleeve. Molded plastic is more forgiving than a plain old steel post. With a large selection of bright colors that are designed for all weather conditions, this bollard sleeve is nothing to stick your tongue out at.

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Don’t let your ugly bollards scare you or your customers.

There you are my pretty

Why continually scrape and paint bollards when you know they will return to their rusty, ugly selves? It’s not magic . . . it’s The Post Guard bollard cover. Cover your bollard posts and never have to paint them again. They will even protect against flying monkeys!

Your property will become brighter and more appealing. With a rainbow of available colors, you can have a bollard of a different color!

So, get out of the woods and down the path to maintenance free facility protection. Call Simon today at 248-855-6647 and remember . . . there’s no place like home.

What a pretty bollard cover

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Fabulous Fall Fix-Ups!

Fall 2015

Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but what about fall fix-ups? It’s important to do that much needed maintenance outside at your facility to keep it up to date and looking fabulous. Fall is the perfect time to do all of these fix-ups, before it’s too cold outside in the winter as well as the heat of the summer has subsided. Now is the time to take care of repairs and maintenance that may cost you thousands in the future.

Provide a fresh look to your facility by installing Post Guard Bollard Covers over your existing deteriorating bollards. Not only will you see an immediate improvement, you’ll be protecting your property from further damage and decay. By adding bollard covers you will dramatically reduce customer complaints because the Post Guard is more forgiving and will absorb minor impact without damaging vehicles.

Choose one of the bright Post Guard colors and increase the visibility and value of your protective bollards. Blue bollard covers can be installed on handicap signs and red bollard covers can be installed on stop signs for a greater traffic control presence.


blue bollard cover

red bollard cover

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What Simon Did On His Summer Vacation

Simon's Summer Vacation

Simon took a road trip this summer and found many Post Guard bollard covers beautifying and protecting properties all across the country. He came across red Post Guards when he stopped for gas at Safeway, green Post Guards at a Tesla Charging Station, and Post Guards in the parking structure at the Detroit Zoo. Every time Simon stopped at a bank, he saw Post Guards in the drive thru which made it look so clean. There were also black, stylish Post Guards in the fast food lane at Zaxby’s Restaurant in Orlando. Imagine Simon then pulling into the car dealership in Delray Beach where he stopped for an oil change and seeing his Post Guards. He even saw some later that day while playing golf in Boca! Click here to follow Simon’s awesome adventure.

Simon’s next video adventure will feature our other Parking Lot Safety Solution products including: speed bumps and parking blocks, Height Guard overhead clearance bars, Poletector light pole base covers, removable magnetic delineators and of course more Post Guard bollard covers.

If you would like your property featured in Simon’s next video, please submit photos of any of our products that have been installed at your facility. Send your photos, property description and location to If you have any questions, please call us at 248-855-6647.

For more information on our products, visit out website

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